The Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral presents a beautiful and dignified arrangement of glass and granite fronted niches, offering perpetual care for cremation urns. Certain personal mementos and photos may also be included as part of this permanent memorial.

Niches are available in different sizes and shapes. The Columbarium at St. John’s Cathedral can meet a wide range of needs and budgets.

The cost of a Niche is a one time cost. There are no maintenance fees and you will not be charged for opening and closing.

Options Reflect
Personal Preferences

The Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral offers a variety of options . . . designed and priced to satisfy a wide range of personal preferences:
Individual and companion niches
• Family blocks
Choice of size, style and position
• Glass or granite fronted niches.

The Columbarium will eventually accommodate approximately 5,000 niches. Prices are comparable and in some cases less than other burial and memorial options.


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