Memories Like This
Should Last Forever

Life can be viewed as a series of special moments connected by time. Struggles and achievements big and small.The extremes of both pleasure and grief. Relationships and events that may seem insignificant to some and monumentally important to others.

And when each life ends — as it must — it is important that those who are left take a very special moment to remember that unique life experience . . . and to recognize the contribution each individual makes to the community and world we share.

The Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral is designed with this purpose in mind.


A New Tradition
In Memorialization

Throughout history the rituals and ceremonies surrounding death and memorialization have taken many forms, evolving to meet a variety of social and spiritual beliefs among different Civilizations.

For much of the past century in Saskatchewan, memorialization has been achieved through funeral services followed by cemetery burial.

In recent years, however, there has been a strong shift toward cremation. People are now searching for alternatives in memorialization, and for many The Columbarium at St. John's Cathedral is ideal.


Perpetual Care
And Peace Of Mind

Reflecting the character of the historic cathedral. The Columbarium is both warm and inviting, while maintaining an atmosphere of dignity, serenity and spirituality that appeals to all faiths.

Not only is The Columbarium structurally sound (the entire cathedral was reinforced during construction), it incorporates the latest climate control and emergency systems to ensure perpetual care in a pleasant environment for visiting.

The latest in safety and security features will also provide families with long-term peace of mind.

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